Because curious minds want to know … well, at least some of you 😉 have asked what the title of this photo means and why I used it: “Le Vin Perdu”.

The answer is less mysterious than it may seem: during the shoot of this and various other pictures in Columbus, OH, model Gina and I used an opened bottle of wine from the previous day as a prop.

While editing this particular shot I later thought of the French poem by Paul Valéry entitled “Le Vin Perdu”, - literally “The Lost Wine” or “Leftover Wine” -, which I once accidentally encountered on the World Wide Web.

That poem also mentions an “Ocean” and that somehow applied as well because I had crossed the ocean to shoot in the US. There you go! 😉

You can find the poem here:… An English translation here:… And a musical version here:

Niek Hockx @niekhockx